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Types of domestic knitting machines

Getting colder, every day. It’s about time to start knitting.

One of the biggest reasons I decided to study knit, is the knitting machine. To describe the shape, it’s almost like a fishing rod connected to a keyboard. Here is a photo of my knitting machine when I was in London.

Majority of domestic knitting machines, are second-hand. Today I will discuss types of common domestic knitting machines.

Brother (The mightiest)

Might be the mightiest, and most common brand of knitting machine is the Brother. There is several models, including some electric machines.

Silver Reed (The New)

The Silver Reed is the only company that still produce knitting machines. Second-hand machines can be an headache. For those looking for a fully-functioning machine, Silver Reed is the only company that produce knitting machines. 

Amimumemo(The travel-size)

Again, available only as second-hand is the あみむめも. It is small and compact. Because of its size, it doesn’t have the same functions as the two brands I mentioned before. It’s perfect for low gauge small swatches.

Hopefully you have a better idea of what domestic knitting machines suit you. Get prepared for a knitting winter season!