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Exploring the Milano Rib Stitch

Milano rib is a knitted fabric that combines highly elastic rubber material with plain stitch(jersey stitch). The distinctive expression of horizontal ridges is a characteristic feature of its appearance.

In terms of functionality in knitted fabric, it offers the advantage of restraining expansion and contraction when compared to rib fabric.

(Note: Expansion and contraction can vary based on the yarn used.)

It is also known as the milano rib. This name seems to have been assigned due to its origin of being knitted in Milan, Italy.

How to Knit Milano Rib

The knitting structure of the Milano rib is depicted in the figure below.

The diagram illustrates the knitting process (knitting chart). The black lines represent the knitting needles.

A diagram of Milano rib

Since the Milano rib constitutes one stitch in sections ①, ②, and ③, when utilizing an automatic machine, using a single cam to knit one stitch at a time or employing 3 cams to create stitches simultaneously would be beneficial.

Additionally, I will introduce the half Milano rib, a knitting pattern akin to the Milano.

A diagram of half Milano rib

The Milano rib in section ③ has been omitted. The characteristics are identical to the Milano rib, featuring horizontal ridges (only on one side), with distinct expressions on the front and back.

Its purpose is to minimize elasticity. In sections ① and ②, they constitute a single stitch. When using an automatic machine, you can either employ a single cam to knit one stitch at a time or opt for 2 cams to knit stitches simultaneously. Due to the fewer steps involved compared to the Milano rib, knitting time can be reduced.

You can find more MONTELUCE’s knitting inspiration from the link below.

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