I will explain about cardigan rib stitching, full cardigan stitching, and half cardigan stitching.


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This time, among the many knit patterns


This is a blog about!

Probably everyone


I think you’ve heard the pattern, but on the ridge

“Kata ridge”

“Ryo Ridge”

There are two types. Did you know that each has two characteristics?

This time, I would like to explain the ridges for such people.

Kata ridge

At first glance, it is similar to rubber knitting, but there are differences in the knitting method.

In rubber knitting, the rubber material is formed by knitting alternately back and forth, but for one ridge, one side is knitted with rubber material and the other side is knitted with tack. As a result, it is thicker than normal rubber and the elasticity can be suppressed a little.

The ridges are based on 1X1 needle pulling, but there are many other variations such as 2X1 needle pulling one-sided ridges and 2X2 needle pulling.

And the best feature is that only one side is tacked, so the facial expression changes on each side. The tacked side feels like the eyes are clogged, and the non-tacked side feels like the eyes are swollen, which is commonly called “Buta-me”.

I will attach some photos of the ridges.

The side of the ridge in the photo below is the side that is visible on the front.

The photo below is a photo of the eyes of one ridge.

At first glance, it looks like rubber, but if you look closely, you can see that it has distinctive eyes ^^

The pictures below are pictures of each side.

The top is the lid and the bottom is the tack surface. What about?

Do you see different eyes on each side?

As for the one-sided ridge, you will be asked to choose the face of the face according to your wishes ^ ^

Both ridges

Like the one ridge, it looks like rubber knitting at first glance, but there is a difference in the knitting method.

It is the same up to the point of knitting the one-step rubber material, but both ridges then tack both sides.

Therefore, the stitches are three-dimensional and the volume is larger than that of one ridge.

And because both are tacked, the knitting becomes wider, and the left and right expansion and contraction is larger than the one-sided ridge.

The best feature is that the eyes are the same on each side.

As with the one-sided ridge, the base is 1X1 needle pulling, but there are various other variations such as one-sided ridge 2X2 needle pulling with 2X1 needle pulling.

I will attach a photo of both ridges.

The photo below is a photo of the product of both ridges. (The image was borrowed from here. Http://

The photo below is a photo of a knit hat with both ridges.

You may not understand it in black, but by making it both ridges, the knitted fabric itself is thick, so it has a voluminous feel.

It’s a knit hat ^^


How was it?

Did you understand that there are various types of ridges, and each has its own characteristics?

By the way, my recommendation is both ridges!

After all, there is a difference in volume such as thickness compared to one ridge, so if you want to make a big, volumey item, please do both ridges! !!

We will introduce other patterns that you are interested in, so please look forward to it next time! !!

Then ~