What is Extra Fine Wool?!

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Table of contents

  • What is Micron? ??
  • Relationship between wool quality name and Micron
  • summary

The theme this time is Extra Fine Merino, which is also the brand name of a certain global fast fashion brand.

What is this? Feels better than regular wool? What is different from normal wool?

I will answer such questions.

First of all, from the meaning of this word.

What is Micron??

Micron is a unit of fiber thickness, and the smaller the number, the thinner and more supple the fiber. It looks like this when it is a symbol → µ

* By the way, the English-Japanese translation of Micron is one millionth of a meter.

So what is Extra Fine Merino Micron? ??

It’s the relationship between the quality name of wool and Micron

Strong merino 23-25 ​​micron

Fine Merino 20-22 Micron

Extra Fine Merino 18.5-19.5 Micron

Super Extra Fine Merino 16.5-17.5 Micron (cashmere grade)

And wool is ranked like this according to the thickness.


Extra fine merino is thinner and more supple than regular wool. Therefore, when it becomes a product, it produces a smooth texture and lightness.

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