Must-see! There are many points to be aware of when knitting is a mall thread that is full of charm.

Good evening everyone, this is Matsui

The latest news is that our company is located here in Ryogoku, where Sumo Ryogoku started last week, and the area around the station is crowded with people.

I was worried for a while, but recently I’ve regained the popularity of sumo, and now I can’t get any tickets, so there seems to be a word “Sujo”.

By the way, this time I would like to describe the moor yarn, which is still booming.

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  • Points to note about the molding thread ① Direction of fluff
  • Points to note about the molding thread (2) Hair loss
  • summary

points to note about molding yarn

There are many points to be aware of when handling molding yarn with knits compared to ordinary yarn.

I would like to ask those who did not know it, as well as those who already knew it, to deepen their understanding.

Points to note about the molding thread ① Direction of the fluff

Not only long fluffy ones, but also short fluffy ones like lawn that do not seem to flow, all of the moor yarns have the same fluffy direction.

Therefore, in the production of our yarn, we always manage this direction from the time of making the molding to the time of dyeing and shipping.

Therefore, please do not inadvertently rewind when knitting.

If the rewound one and the one that is not rewound are knitted together, it will look like uneven color or streaks when viewed with garment.

Points to note about the molding thread ② Loss of fluff

There are several manufacturing methods for molding yarn. Not one.

The degree of fluff removal of the molding yarn differs depending on the manufacturing method, and it is important to know in advance how the molding yarn is made when using it.

In general

There are many known two manufacturing methods, plying and Russell, and the degree of fluff removal depends on how the fluff is sandwiched between the cores.

It is said that Russell is harder to pull out than twisted yarn, and I think that recognition is correct, but it should be noted that sometimes it is said that it will not come off because it is Russell Mall. , The expression that it is difficult to pull out correctly does not necessarily mean that it cannot be pulled out. It’s only natural that it’s sandwiched and entwined with the core.


Mole yarn that can be made to look like velor when knitted is full of its usage and charm, but it requires correct knowledge to handle it without trouble, so please remember it.