Introducing Chinese materials and mixing ratio notation

Hello everyone. It’s Hatanaka.

The excitement of the Olympics is amazing !!

I also support you every day. Hopefully this hot and cold day is over and spring will come soon.

By the way, this time I will introduce how to write materials in Chinese!

Isn’t the mixture ratio written only in Chinese such as local BOOK?

What kind of mixture is this? ?? ??

Isn’t it possible to confirm without contacting the factory during the Lunar New Year?

In such a case, please see this table !!

table of contents

  • English / Japanese / Chinese notation
  • summary

How to write in English, Japanese, and Chinese

I summarized it in the table. It’s roughly like this.

There are many Chinese characters that are not currently used in Japan, such as old Chinese characters.

It’s interesting that it’s slightly different from 綿 in Japanese to 棉 in Chinese!!


How was it?

I think there are many people who are usually used in China, such as factories.

I think that it is surprisingly familiar because it is usually used in work such as knit terms and apparel terms.

I think it’s good to learn from familiar words even in foreign languages ​​!!

Well then, excuse me this time around here.