What is the difference between polyester and polyamide (nylon)?!

Hello everyone. By the way, this time from a customer the other day, what is polyamide? I will rewrite the blog I wrote earlier about the difference between polyamide and polyester.

Polyamide is nylon.

First of all, why are there two names, nylon and polyamide? I will explain from.

Nylon is a trademark of the American company DuPont, and nylon is a type of polyamide.

In Japan, it is written in nylon, but in Europe, it is written in polyamide!

By the way, nylon is the world’s first synthetic fiber developed by DuPont, and there are various types such as nylon 6, nylon 66, and nylon 11.

In the Maruyasu collection, we are developing a very light Maru Mall 1/6 Munchkin using nylon 66 in the BOOK.

Comparison of nylon (polyamide) and polyester

Now, let me show you the characteristics of nylon and polyester while comparing them.

Features of nylon

Introducing the characteristics of nylon, which is active in various places such as sportswear, carpets, and even fishing nets. Nylon is resistant to abrasion and bending, and is easy to dye. In addition, it dries quickly because it hardly absorbs water even when it gets wet. (Washable)

Rich in elasticity and less likely to wrinkle.

It rarely loses its shape.

It is resistant to chemicals, oil, mold and insects, and can be used as a fishing net, so it is not affected by seawater.

It’s a very strong material! !! !!

It is an indispensable fiber when making fancy yarn.

Features of polyester

Next is the characteristic of polyester, the most popular synthetic fiber that is produced most often among chemical fibers.

Polyester is also very strong, wrinkle resistant, quick-drying, chemical resistant, resistant to insects and mold, and does not lose its shape. However, it has the disadvantage of lower dyeability than nylon.

Hmm? ??

So is nylon better? ??

No, that’s not the case!

It makes a big difference when it is made into a product.

Polyester feels tighter and more elastic than nylon.

By the way

Polyester can also be dyed in bright colors by modifying it with cation processing.

However, the tension and waist will be slightly lost. ..

Heaven doesn’t give two things! !!

I want to understand the strengths and weaknesses of the material and select it.

How was it? It’s easy, but I’ve talked about the characteristics of polyester in comparison to nylon.