Rep Knit | How to fix a frayed knit with seams


The number of warm days has increased, and the number of winter knits has decreased.

Before changing clothes, I want to repair the frayed knit.

Also, when I put out a spring knit, there was a part that was new to me!

I would like to introduce a repair method recommended for such people.

What kind of repair can be done?

The other day, the knit that I thought I would wear for the first time in a long time

I found a hole in the armpit.

It seems that the linking thread has broken.

This time, how to repair a hole that has opened at such a joint

I will explain about.

Besides the armpit line. It is a method that can deal with the fraying of the following parts.

・ Armhole sleeve attachment line

・ Shoulder joint line

・ Sleeve underline

・ Design switching line

Sewing machines, lock sewing machines, etc., even if they are not linked

It can be applied to any connection method.

How to join the U-shape

As the name suggests, write the katakana “ko”, which is called the U-shaped joint.

I will fix it using the repair technique.

The good thing about the U-shape is that the repair marks are not noticeable from the table!

In addition, it is easy to work because repairs are done while looking at the table.

Let’s do it now.

First of all, reinforce it so that it does not come out any further.

The end of the linking thread was sticking out, so be careful not to unravel it.

I cleaned the thread inside.

If you cannot finish the thread, bend it down to stop it.

Since a separate thread is used for the U-shaped joint, it is OK without leaving the thread.

Next, prepare the thread for repair.

If there is a co-thread of the main body, please use it.

If not, use a thin and strong thread such as a sewing thread of the same color.

This time, we use sewing threads of different colors so that the process is easy to see.

Insert the repair thread from the inside.

The knit will come off with just a ball knot, so

Pick up the knitted fabric a little with a needle and thread the needle through the loop.

This will prevent the thread from coming off!

Put the repair thread on the front side and touch it as if writing a U-shape.

Insert the needle so that it traces the white line.

It’s okay to be loose enough to pass the thread in the hole.

If you pick up the inside of the eye that is the end when you put it together,

The finish will be beautiful.

It turned out to be something like this.

Make sure to touch the area that is slightly over the hole.

Pull the thread upwards.

Like this, it’s no longer noticeable from the table!

Finally, clean up the thread and you’re done!

I tried to expand the repaired part.

Small, white threads are visible in dots,

Repairing with the same thread or the same color will make it even less noticeable.


I’m spending more time at home these days

I’m thinking of doing something that I tend to put off.

If you spend time maintaining your important clothes,

I also feel that the fun when going out will increase.

See you next time!