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Adventure in Tokyo's largest flea market

Hi there! Today, I want to share an amazing experience of visiting the flea market “TOKYO NOMINOICHI”. I went there 6 years ago when I was traveling inTokyo for my very first time! As a flea market lover, everything in the market was perfect! The goods, the creative display method, the atmosphere, the people, the food…all were so impressive!

Therefore, I went on an adventure again this year. The market was separated into several sections: stationeries, tableware, antique toys, books, outdoor, furniture, flowers, clothes, nordic goods, foods, live concerts. Anyone visiting there can definitely find something interesting!

Ready to start the adventure with me?

As I work in a yarn company…

Owing to my passion toward textile and yarn, I have a sort of radar to those goods! Let’ check what I found there!

The weaving samples of stipe and check design from the weaving factory before.

The hand carved “katagami” using for dyeing the fabric in the past!

Some antique yarns!

They were spinning and dying by the factories which are not exit nowadays. It’s amazing that they are still in good condition with beautiful colors!

The compact version of spinning wheel.

This shape of the spinning wheel is not common in Europe, yet you may see this in Japan if you are lucky enough!

The magazine “POPEYE”. Which is still a popular magazine for men.

This one is order then my age! Look at the adorable font of the title and the price! 230 Japanese yen at that time! Lucky me that I found this talking about the sweaters~

The paper doll.

I have no idea if you share the same memory with me about these paper doll, but I did own some of these lovely paper crafts in my childhood!

Some antique maps and fashion news.

Look at the right one! It was published in 1865 talking about the trend of the fashion as well as the hair during the time. Except for the content, the printing skill of is also amazing!

Information of the TOKYO NOMINOICHI

I hope you had some fun with me!

Please do come here some day by yourself!

There are twice of TOKYO NOMINOICHI per year. Usually being held on May and November.

Please check more information about the market here! See you next time~



A Taiwanese with a profound interest in materials and art who pursued textile design in Taiwan and Japan. Her love for creating with different materials emerged during this time.
As a nature lover, she is deeply concerned about environmental issues and integrates them into her artistic practice. Currently, she actively reflects on environmental matters during the process of material production. Through her exploration of yarn-making and the allure of knitting, she strives to create materials that people would cherish for a lifetime.