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knitting with the AI—Midjourney

Have you ever knitted anything by yourself? Or, have you ever used any tools related to AI? While the world is still figuring out the rules and the ways to live with AI, I found it fun to make some interesting knitting patterns with one of the AI tools: the midjourney.

About Midjourney

As our company is participating in some NFT projects with artists, I had the opportunity to pick a look of the midjourney. Although this is kind of the gray zone to drawing sth through the source online, it does show me some possibility which is barely being realized in reality. What the midjourney brings us is somehow unpredictable, we can reach our ideal photo/illustration by giving precise descriptions. 

My knitting journey through Midjourney

Let’s take a look at how I got these days!

I will put the description of how I told the AI under every pictures.

spring and summer/knit/pattern/ in the forest/light color/wild

spring and summer/knit/pattern/ wind/blowing

spring and summer/knit/pattern/ in the forest/light color/lion

spring /knit/pattern/ in the outer space/mysterious/ within 3 colors/modern /light color


fashion show/knitwear for Spring and summer by fine yarn/archetectural design/like a page of the fashion magazine/modern design/ Japanese girl with black hair and neon colors knitwear/ showing the whole body/ white background/ show the outfit from the top to the legs/ the outfit should be the neon colors –v 5.2

Make your knitting design with AI

Did you have fun with pictures made by the midjourney?

With AI, it’s possible to reach some impossibility within a minute! Have fun making your creative knitting pattern with the AI tool once there’s a chance!

See you next time!



A Taiwanese with a profound interest in materials and art who pursued textile design in Taiwan and Japan. Her love for creating with different materials emerged during this time.
As a nature lover, she is deeply concerned about environmental issues and integrates them into her artistic practice. Currently, she actively reflects on environmental matters during the process of material production. Through her exploration of yarn-making and the allure of knitting, she strives to create materials that people would cherish for a lifetime.