Do you know? How to tie the thread, which is indispensable for knitting

Good evening everyone, this is Matsui

It’s been a bad time in the rainy season. The laundry can’t be dried outside, and it’s annoying to dry it in the house. It’s not as good as a dryer every time, so it’s a problem.

Well, I was wondering what to write today from the day before.

Honestly, when I can’t think of anything, I can’t help but create a topic (laughs).

It ’s a really small theme, but I ’ll touch on the knotting of threads.

How to tie a thread

Do you know?

How to tie knit yarn

No way, I don’t do dumpling knots or hard knots ((laughs))

The method of “hata knot” is usually used for knit yarn.

* See below for details on how to tie a tie.

The biggest difference between a tie and a normal knot such as a hard knot is the size of the knot.

Of course, the part where the threads are connected is not noticeable in appearance.

He said that even when knitting with an automatic machine, the knots would get stuck and the knitting would stop.

It is relatively easy to prevent, and he has the characteristic that the strength of the knot is high and it is easy to come off.

Professional work is his perfection of the product

Of course, for the first time in work

You feel professional from a little technique and consideration during work.

Even if you didn’t know it before, please take this opportunity to wear a “grouper knot”.

* I’m sorry it’s short this time

Next time I’ll write a little more firmly💦.