23/24 AW trend colors in Monteluce

Its almost the end of summer, the temperature will drop after this weekend. It’s about time to introduce the key colors of winter.

According to the 23/24 AW WGSN trend report, the trending colors for this upcoming season are :

・Apricot Crush

・Sage Leaf

・Galactic Cobalt

・Astro Dust

・Digital Lavender

If fashion is a lifestyle, you ought to be trendy with you yarn choices.

Digital Lavender, a merge of an tech-savy health maniac. Gender inclusive, it’s all about wellness inside and the outside while involving less nature and more of digital therapy.

and of course, you find this lavender in our collection.

Pisa -PSA440 hyacinth

We also have a Platina– PM60 L purple

In Japan it would be quite a challenge to wear Digital Lavender. By mixing hints of it with grey or browns it can become a spice to a casual outfit.

Astro Dust, earthy red, calm and patient, notes of Mars and matt wood finishes.

Victoria-VTR123B barn red (brushed)

You can find similar colors with Bond48/60– BB16 Bordeaux or, Erica7.5– ERP32 Barn red.

Astro Dust would be a tone for interiors, makeup, gifts. Probably something like Aesop, a sophisticated homey feel is what we want to achieve. Add some Astro Dust to your work space.

Galactic Cobalt, not just any cobalt something so pigmented that you lose the depth of the texture. We are looking at a more solid color than a Sapphire. We did see hints of this in the last AW collections, I guess its becoming more of a base tone for the collection.

Malia-Z71 Turquoise

Other colors would be Victoria-VTR121B Cobalt or Spugna -SPY713 Cobalt.

Not sure if you have noticed, but all the color names are space related. Thinking about the winter cools me down just enough to survive the next hot weekend.

May the force be with you!